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8 Ways to Put More Money in Your Pockets

Looking for ways to save a few bucks? ….. You’re probably wasting quite a bit of money, without being aware of unnecessary spending.

1. Eating Out - Whether it’s a restaurant or fast food, it’s easier than ever to avoid cooking. Eating at home not only saves money, but you tend to consume less calories and eat healthier. This includes eating out during the work day. By packing a lunch you’ll not only save time in traffic and on gas.

2. Throwing Food Out Early or Not Consuming Leftovers - Just because your food label indicates it’s expired, doesn’t mean it has spoiled. Many foods are fine for days or weeks after the expiration date, if they have been properly stored. Be sure to eat leftover or freeze them for a meal later on.

3. Adjust your Thermostat - Everyone loves a nice, warm house, but by making minor adjustments you could save some serious cash.

  • Adjusting your thermostat by 1 degree can save about 3% on your heating bill.

  • Turn down your thermostat at night by 10 degrees (use an extra blanket to snuggle in the bed)

  • Check to be sure your furnace vents are not blocked.

  • Close off vents in any unused rooms.

4. Doing the Laundry

  • If you have a high-efficiency (HE) washing machine, did you know you don’t need to fill up the detergent receptacle? In fact, if you do, you could end up with a buildup of soap. This can make whites appear grey. (Hard water is the only exception, which tends to require more than less soap.)

  • Use white vinegar vs detergent. About a ½ cup is all that is needed for an average-sized load.

  • Skip the hot water. Washing fabrics in hot water is not necessary. Save it for the whites.

  • Dryer: you can save money by tossing in a dry towel or two to help absorb moisture and cut down drying time for your loads (just be sure of the fabrics you mix so you don’t end up with lint from the towels).

  • Opt to air dry your clothes.

5. Clothing Purchases - You just HAD to have those cute shoes, or the perfect summer dress. Quality made clothes tend to last longer and cheaply made clothes don’t fit as well or last as long. Here are some ways to save money and still look great.

  • Check out the overstock stores such as Norstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth, LastCall and your local outlet mall. You can find brand name labels with budget conscious prices.

  • Buy less expensive but get an item altered. You can save money on a less expensive suit and have it tailored to fit perfectly.

  • If you’re making your purchases via credit cards, and on items that were just ‘too cute to pass up’, you are probably wasting your money. Skip the bargains, in general, to avoid having a closet full of clothes you don’t wear.

  • Pay attention to your clothing tags. Proper care and laundering will extend the life of your favorite items.

7. Buying Coffee - Option one, stop drinking coffee. Here are some ways to enjoy your cup of joe and still be conscious of saving money.

  • Stop drinking coffee. (Yeah, right) It is easiest way to save money.

  • Brew your coffee at home. Your local grocery store stocks a huge variety of flavored creamers.

  • Splurge on your favorite coffee house brand/location once a week.

8. Groceries

  • Don’t shop based on what meal you want to cook. Instead, pay attention to costs, sales and deals, and make meals based on your shopping.

  • Most assume that brand names are better. That’s not always the case. You can save money on the store brand of staple items such as flour, sugar, salt, pepper, spices, etc. Items that are mixed in and not stand alone generally will not change the overall flavor of a recipe.

  • Take advantage of BOGO (Buy One Get One) or special sales. Stock up on items that have a longer shelf life or can be frozen.

  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach. This is a no brainer for sure.

Just by paying attention to spending habits, making a few minor adjustments, the savings can add up quickly.

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