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Is Technology Addictive? Tips To Unplug!

Anyone born after about 1990 has never known life without the Internet and mobile communication. Many of us use the internet and technology based devices daily in our work, school or personal lives. We use technology to communicate, for driving directions, for entertainment, run businesses, etc. Computers, smartphones, gaming devices are all part of our lives. They do make things much easier but we have also become dependent on it. With the use of email, texting and online calendars, it is hard to not be kept in the loop of your life’s ongoing events.

Anything done in moderation is not bad. If we overuse or become dependent, that’s when it may become a problem.

Have we become too dependent on technology and our hand held devices?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If you’ve left home and realize you left your phone, do you continue on to your destination, or do you immediately turn around and go back for it?

  • How many TVs do you have in your home? Are they all on at the same time with all family members in different rooms?

  • Do you and/or members of your family text each other from within your home?

  • Do you zone out or lose track of time when using your device?

  • If for some reason, you are unable to use your device, does it cause discomfort or irritate you?

  • If your device dings (notifications) in another room, do you feel the need (or jump up) to go check it?

  • Have you ever felt guilty about how often you use your device?



The uncontrollable urge to use technological devices

such as computers, smartphone, and gaming systems.



  1. Leave work at work. Unless necessary, leave that email or voicemail for tomorrow morning.

  2. Turn off your notifications… or at least silence them.

  3. Schedule technology free times… turn off the TV, close your laptop and go old school. Read a book; plan next week’s dinner menu (from an actual cookbook); Go for a walk; Play a game (board game or outdoors) with your kids.

  4. Journal – start a journal. Write down your feelings, your thoughts, etc.

  5. Write letters. Pick a friend or relative and write a letter, on actual paper with a pen.

  6. Find a new hobby or pick up an old one. Paint, Draw, Sketch, Write, Crafting, or DIY projects.

  7. Be social when in public… If you’re stuck in line, try talking to a stranger instead of using your phone.

  8. Implement a digital curfew each evening at home. No elctronic devices past a certain time… or at least limit to watching TV in the same room.

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