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Signs You're Burning Out

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The perfect job….what does that look like?

  • Working only 8 hours a day

  • Crossing off all the items on a To Do list

  • Being praised or recognized for a job well done

  • Completing all projects on the calendar

  • Meeting all deadlines

  • Leaving work at the office, not taking it home

  • A truly great week

The answer... there is no perfect job! We all make adjustments, work extra hours to get projects complete or deadlines met. We all have off days, or feel less than satisfied with our job or position.

Think about the last time you had a less than great week, more specifically, a BAD week. What happened? Maybe....

  • Someone irritated you at work.

  • Your boss criticized your report.

  • You missed a deadline.

  • You had an argument with a coworker.

  • You've not responded to any emails in past few days.

These things can all be stressful or discouraging. But often a glass of wine, a bubble bath, venting to a friend, or a funny movie, will remedy it. Come Monday morning, you are back at your desk and ready for the week’s challenges. That’s just an off week.

Do you sit at your desk staring aimlessly, feel dread, feel mentally exhausted, feel physically exhausted, doubt your competence?

Are you a high achiever, a perfectionist, take on heavy workloads, put a great amount of pressure on yourself to excel in all you do? If so, then you my friend, may be headed for a burn out. What's worse is that you may not even notice it.

But are you just having a few bad days or actually experiencing a burnt out?


What Is A Burnout?

A burnout is a state of chronic stress. It doesn’t just creep up on you in one day or week. You don’t just wake up to a burnout. You are no longer able to function productively, effectively. A burnout can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism and detachment. Our bodies give us red flags, or warnings, to aid us in preventing a full blown burn out.


Take Note and Evaluate:

Signs of Physical and Emotional Exhaustion

  • Trouble concentrating - not just distracted, but struggling to focus on short term tasks. Work is piling up or you are repeatedly missing deadlines. You make critical mistakes, repeatedly.

  • Drained - Even small tasks feel exhausting. Procrastinating or avoiding tasks completely. A good night’s sleep doesn’t help you recharge. The quick run through Starbucks doesn’t cut it; you are guzzling coffee just to make it through the day.

  • Insomnia – not just a night or two of restlessness. You find you are frequently needing a glass of wine (or three) to wind down. You rely on sleep aids because you can’t turn off your brain.

  • Anxiety – not just occasional worry or tension. Anxiety interferes with work and productivity.

Signs of Cynicism and Detachment

  • Passion fades - You couldn’t care less about your presentation or a major project you’ve been assigned. You look for ways to get out of work, to escape.

  • Trust issues – You don’t feel you can count on others. You feel others are out to get you, make you look bad.

  • Detachment – disconnection with others. You isolate yourself. You keep your office door closed. You stop returning calls and emails. You decline lunch invites from coworkers or clients. You come in early or late to avoid others.

  • Pessimism – You stop sharing ideas because you already know they will be shot down. You don’t bother coming in early to complete a deadline or project because no one will notice.

Signs of Ineffectiveness and Lack of Accomplishment

  • Decreased satisfaction – feeling stuck in your position or job.

  • Drop in productivity – incomplete projects, missed deadlines. Slowed down pace: even writing a simple email might take an hour. Working long hours but seeing very little results.

  • Irritability/ Resentment – little things make set you off. Having ill feelings towards your coworkers when you used to get along.

See how we can help you avoid a Burnout !


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