is the most precious commodity.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

Are you too busy to...?

  • Manage your email inbox

  • Handle correspondences

  • Schedule appointments

  • Prepare newsletters

  • Create presentations


Is there not enough time in the day to...?

  • Manage deadlines

  • Schedule social media

  • Book travel accommodations

  • Relax with personal time

Delegate your back-office and personal tasks so you can focus on growing your business.


You will be at ease knowing your "to-do" list items are being completed and checked off.


There are 8 hours in a work day, 40 hours in a standard work week,168 total hours in a week. But entrepreneurs and small business owners, spend more than 40 hours a week to complete projects and meet deadlines. What would you do with extra time ? Focus on clients, spend time with family or friends ?


We can help you reclaim the most precious commodity - TIME. 

We will take care of the tasks ... you focus on your business. 

Administrative Support 

Including but not limited to:

  • Email Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Travel Management

  • Client and Personal Correspondences

  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations

  • Internet Research

  • Data Entry / Transcription

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Project Management


Social Media Management
 Including but not limited to:

  • Schedule daily posts (from provided content or we will create content)

    • Announce new products or services

    • Images related to your business

    • Inspirational thoughts, quotes or messages

    • Refer people to your social media platforms     

  • Interact with followers

    • Reply to comments

    • Respond or forward messages

    • Like comments

    • Visit followers page and like pictures or posts

    • Invite people to like your page


Social Media Packages

Set Up Fee

One time set up fee.




Linked In





 Update Page


Monthly Posting Rates - Content Provided

Pricing for scheduling weekly posts with photos, and logos provided. Includes all platforms.











Monthly Posting Rates - Personally Designed Content

Pricing for scheduling weekly, digitally designed photos using Photoshop. Includes all platforms.











Our goal is simple..

help you get back to doing what you love and focus on the big picture. 



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If there is anyway we can help,

please let us know.

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