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is the most precious commodity.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

Are you too busy to...?

  • Manage your email inbox

  • Handle correspondences

  • Schedule appointments

  • Prepare newsletters

  • Create presentations


Is there not enough time in the day to...?

  • Manage deadlines

  • Schedule social media

  • Book travel accommodations

  • Relax with personal time

Delegate your back-office and personal tasks so you can focus on growing your business.


You will be at ease knowing your "to-do" list items are being completed and checked off.


There are 8 hours in a work day, 40 hours in a standard work week,168 total hours in a week. But entrepreneurs and small business owners, spend more than 40 hours a week to complete projects and meet deadlines. What would you do with extra time ? Focus on clients, spend time with family or friends ?


We can help you reclaim the most precious commodity - TIME. 

We will take care of the tasks ... you focus on your business. 

Administrative Support 

Including but not limited to:

  • Email Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Travel Management

  • Client and Personal Correspondences

  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations

  • Internet Research

  • Data Entry / Transcription

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Project Management


Social Media Management
 Including but not limited to:

  • Schedule daily posts (from provided content or we will create content)

    • Announce new products or services

    • Images related to your business

    • Inspirational thoughts, quotes or messages

    • Refer people to your social media platforms     

  • Interact with followers

    • Reply to comments

    • Respond or forward messages

    • Like comments

    • Visit followers page and like pictures or posts

    • Invite people to like your page


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