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We'll take care of the tasks,
so you can focus on growing your business.

Administrative Support  l  Social Media Management  l  Personal Assistance 

About us

DGVA utilizes administrative, organizational, technical, management, marketing, and creative skills to help our clients save time and money.


Like Alfred supports Batman, we assist entrepreneurs and businesses by taking care of time-consuming tasks.


We complete back-office administrative, personal tasks, and social media management enabling focus to be directed on the revenue generating aspects of their business. 

What we do

Virtual Assistance

​We relieve our clients of the time consuming, sometimes mundane tasks, freeing up hours they can use to focus on the revenue generating aspects of their business.

Digital Marketing

Social media is essential for marketing your business and getting behind on your social media is never fun. Content is important for bringing in clients! Don’t try to manage it all or continue to let your social presence lack because you don’t have time.

Get started today,
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Deanna was in charge of many different aspects for the firm. She was hard working, in constant communication, and kept us in the loop on all projects.

Deanna welcomes new challenges and is constantly looking for new ways to improve processes.  She has an impressive work ethic and integrity, striving for excellence and ensuring her clients are well taken care of. 

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